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High-End Multi-Functional Luxury Jewelry Handcrafted in California.


Luxury pieces Handcrafted in California with the highest quality materials from Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold, and the most precious stones “ certified Diamonds and designed for the modern woman.


Sophisticated, feminine, and multi-functional design, to be worn day or night at any moment of life to enhance every look.

An Ode to International Femininity

Supported by international celebrities, Loraida Jewelry is a true ode not only to femininity but to self-expression and self-confidence. The brand spread the Californian state of mind, made of assertiveness, boldness, and freedom from the gaze of others.

Being a Loraida woman means wearing jewelry in all circumstances, and in a most uncomplicated to sophisticated style highlighting our heritage. It is the love of beauty, a personal pleasure, a re-appropriation of the jewel by its wearer. Each piece is handmade and inspired by all the remarkable women they have met.

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