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The Art of Everyday High-End Diamonds Jewelry

Evolving and Inspired by the Californian culture, Tyler & Madison are re-inventing the luxury jewelry universe by bringing together their European finesse touch and Californian Casual-chic vision, a less unconventional conception of high jewelry.

The Loraida Woman

Full of joy, The Loraida Woman loves to live each day of life to the fullest. Adventurous, she likes to stay outside, and enjoy the beauty of nature (Mountains, Ocean, Forest, Desert, Animals). This is her wild Californian side. A sense of Freedom.

Filled with boldness, having grown up between New York and her travels in Europe, she has developed her fashion sense by bringing her own individuality. She is the epitome of casual luxury by mixing comfortable pieces with luxury fabrics, and always elevates her style by adding a High-end jewelry piece in all circumstances a true expansion of her self-expression and an unconventional conception of high jewelry. Balmy, she is a very refreshing person. Highly positive, she reflects a bright, sunny aura, and makes people around her want to be close to her or to be like her. Eco-friendly, she loves fresh fruits and vegetables and has a healthy lifestyle that gives her radiant skin. By night, even in her evening dress, the Loraida woman continues to shine.

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