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Our Diamond Guide

Diamond Atelier

Our diamonds are sourced and cut at the highest industry standards available. Below, you can see how the shapes and cuts of each diamond vary. Please use this page as a reference for your diamond buying journey.


The pear shape diamond is also known as a teardrop shape. It features a blend of a marquise and oval structure with an elongated configuration giving it a feminine feel. 


The emerald shape diamond can range in shape from a narrow rectangle to a square giving it a sophisticated and elegant design. Its classic feel is unmatched in comparison to other diamond cuts.


The marquise shaped diamond is truly unique with symmetrical ends. Also referred to as the “navette cut” they also appear larger per carat weight in comparison to other diamond shapes.


The oval shaped diamond is an elongated version of a round cut with customizable ratios. It has an oblong shape and is beloved my many due to its romantic curves.


The cushion shaped diamond has slightly curved edges and comes in two types called the “antique or chunky cushion” and the “crushed iced cushions”. It has a softer appearance and sparkles exceptionally.


The heart shaped diamond is an ultimate symbol of love. The diamond starts as pear shape and then is given a cleft on the top center to form the graceful heart shape.


The round shaped diamond has 58 facets with great brilliance due to its cut. It has perfect symmetry and refracts light eminently. It also has more verstiality in a setting in comparison to other diamond shapes.


The radiant shaped diamond has 70 facets with a reactualger shape similar to an emerald cut but with beveled corners. It truly has impressive brilliance and a sparkly effect.

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