Born in New York, identical twins, growing up in California, Tyler & Madison spent their childhood between nature and the dynamism of fashion.

Coming from a multicultural family, the sisters enjoyed their summers in Europe and constantly from a young age asked their mother to accompany them to Place Vendôme where their fascination of beauty, nuances, and brilliance started.

Transmitted from generation to generation, they began creating jewelry from vintage ornaments which they took pleasure in transforming the pieces in unconventional ways, mixing styles to refine their look to give them a second youth. This is where the sister's passion to create jewelry comes from, a love for jewels that allows self-expression.

Already Businesswomen at the age of 18 with the publication of a book “The Magic of the Twin Fairies”, the numerous trips between Europe and the United States, allowed them to enrich their vision of luxury, their creativity and reinforced their desire to fully express their talent in their own brand. As an achievement of their passion, the twins pursued their study in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and in 2020, decided to live the proof of Gen Z’s determination and create their own brand in tribute to their mother and aunt “Loraida”.

Evolving and Inspired by the Californian culture, Tyler & Madison are re-inventing the luxury jewelry universe by bringing together their European finesse touch and Californian Casual-chic vision, a less unconventional conception of high jewelry.

Supported by international celebrities, Loraida Jewelry is a true ode not only to femininity but to self-expression and self-confidence. The brand spread the Californian state of mind, made of assertiveness, boldness, and freedom from the gaze of the others. Being a Loraida woman means wearing jewelry in all circumstances, and in a most uncomplicated to sophisticated style highlighting our heritage. It is the love of beauty, a personal pleasure, a re-appropriation of the jewel by its wearer. Each piece is handmade and inspired by all the remarkable women they have met.